Some Useful Equations

If you know the formula for something that you think would be useful, or find an error, or have more defaults you would like to see added (like other transmission ratios) email it to me


MPH Calculator
Tire Height (in):


Differential Ratio (Rear End Gear): 



Transmission Gear Ratio's (1st-6th): Known Gears for 


    Speed (MPH):



1/8 to 1/4 Calculator

  (1/8) ET:  


(1/8) MPH:  


   (1/4) ET: 


(1/4)  MPH:  



Hp Calculator

Race Weight:  


              (1/4) ET: 


(1/4) MPH:  


   ET HP(ground):


MPH HP(rw):  




Compression Ratio



# Cyl

displacement (ci)


Piston Deck Clearance 

Clearance volume cc  


Compressed Gasket Thickness

Gasket Volume cc 

Combustion chamber
 volume cc


Piston dome volume
 - if dished cc

Total Chamber Volume cc

Compression Ratio


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