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For the P-11/P-40

I have an unmodified Hand-All JR (one finger groove, info can be found here and can be purchased here) on my P-11, and carry it with a 69 series S&W mag, KT mag sleeve, and trimmed flat base plate, for a full comfortable grip and 12+1 rounds. Others prefer the Hand All (2 finger grooves, info can be found here and can be purchased here) but I felt it was too loose fitting.

For the P-32:

First let me say that if your only complaint about the grip is the sharp corners on the stippling, some 400 grit sand paper takes the points off and makes the grip more comfortable very quickly, but I wanted a bit more than that. I first tried trimming a Hand All JR (info can be found here and can be purchased here) to fit my P-32, but felt it was too loose and moved around to much for my liking, so I removed it. Then I tried the A-Grip by Brooks Tactical (I got mine at I liked it but the pre-cut version for the P-32 has the grip going right up to the slide on both sides. At first I thought nothing of it, but after some use I found that when I field stripped the gun and used solvents to clean the frame rails it was tough not to get some on the adhesive that holds on the A-grip. So the adhesive in that area begin to fail, and holstering the gun started the top forward corner pealing/rolling back. On the positive side, simply mentioning this on the KTOG board got me a new one from the manufacturer 100% free (even though I said that it was my fault for getting solvents on the adhesive, he said 100% unconditionally guaranteed). So this time I cut off the top part of both sides (after all you don't ever grip there anyway) to keep it away from the solvents when cleaning, and have not had a problem since. On a side note, I used some of the one I took off to put A-Grip on the +1 extension I carry loaded in the mag. I used that for a while but then remembered that I still had that Hand-All JR laying around, and tried to slip that on over the A-Grip, and that is what I liked the best and how I currently carry my P-32.

The P-32 with Stock A-grip:

P-32 with trimmed A-grip and trimmed Hand-All JR: