P-3AT Hogue Grip Install Instructions

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origonaly posted by ppmd on the KTOG message board.


It's time to get a grip, gang! This is just another variation of how others have installed the Hogue Handall Jr. Universal Grip Sleeve onto their P-3ATs. Feels great. Functional test to follow. Cost: $8.95+tax. This is the package (sans the grip):

Eyeball measure to see how you would like it to fit:

More eyeballing:

Cut using pair of sharp (I used Fiskars) scissors to allow normal function of magazine release:

I had to make two cuts just to make sure I don't trim off too much the first time around:

Checking by laying the grip over the gun handle to make sure the fit will be good:

Slip the Hogue Handall Jr. onto the P-3AT handle and you have... Finished product, with the awesome Bersa (of course!) magazine floor plate (left side view):

Right side view:

Here's one for the traditionalists:

Compman's Installation of Hogue Handall Jr.:

This one is by Kraigster414, using Pachmayr's grip:

Let's not forget the side view. The Hogue Handall Jr. maintains the small footprint of the P-3AT:

Enjoy, everyone! Happy new year!

ppmd - who's P-3AT is not camera-shy.

End Quote

Here is the way I did it on my P-32, Right side up

(as is everyone has not already seen mine... )

I put it on upside down from the way ppdm did, and cut the part at the bottom flush with the bottom of the grip, instead of the top. I also put it on over A-grip because I felt it was too loose by it self. Also a note for others that may feel the grip can slide around a bit to much for your liking, 4 drops of super glue do wonders (I did this on my P-11), one at the top and bottom of the front strap and back strap, just get the grip where you want it, peel back the grip a bit and put on one drop (after making sure both the grips are clean) and no more shifting/sliding!!

Now on my P-3AT

On my P-3AT (and my P-11) I added 4 drops of super glue, one each, under the top and bottom of the front and rear straps:

Aj2001, from the KTOG used the nylon bristle wheel on a dremmel to "melt" the edges of the plastic grip. This does not harm the KT grip.