Internal Trigger Stop

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I actually like the nylon screw trigger stop myself (at lest for the P-11 and P-40), and have it on both of mine. But this is also a good idea, and I figured might be liked by others.

origonaly posted by Chan Bates on the KTOG message board.

After using the wonderfully simple and inexpensive White Trigger Stop on many KTs, I did find they needed adjustment from time to time, and eventually had a tendency to fall off. This did not cause functioning problems, just an immediate different feel that was an uncomfortable change.

Besides, it looked kind of hokey, IMO.

So I came up with an internal trigger overtravel stop that is invisible, also inexpensive, and easy to do.

The trigger axis has a flange that rotates in a cutout on the right side of the aluminum frame. The forward part of that cutout acts as a trigger stop. When you pull the trigger all the way to the rear, if it does not stop against the grip behind the trigger, then the trigger axis flange has made contact with the forward portion of the frame cutout.

I reasoned that if I filled in some of the forward portion of the cutout with a metal-like material, JB Weld (a two part epoxy mixture), and then with my Dremel and the #427 Polishing tip (on a #424 mandrel), I cut back the filled-in section just enough to allow the trigger to break but then stop, all would be cool.

It worked. I drilled two very small holes in the frame so the JB Weld would get a better grip and not come loose. I cleaned the area well with alcohol and applied the JB Weld. I let it set up for about 12 hours, then did just a little grinding, and through assembly/disassembly a few times, removed just the right amount of material. Total time for this mod is less than an hour, not counting the 12-hour cure time.

Try it. You'll like it, Mikey. Can be removed with the Dremel to restore factory specs. CB3