K&D Pocket Holster

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I am currently most often using a customized K&D 2 in 1 holster for my P-32.

I started with their 2 in 1 holster and made a few mods to it, and added 2 snap on flaps instead of 1. One holds on a small can of Fox Labs pepper spray and one is flat for back pocket use, then of course you can always just use the holster with no snap on panel.

I'm sure many custom makers can make exactly what you want, I went with K&D this time though because I kinda based mine on their 2 in 1 idea, and I have met with DDGator (on the KTOG board), and could show him my stapled together prototype, and tell him in person exactly what I wanted.

The anti-print panel was stiff at first (duhh) and would unsnap when I tried to get a full grip on it in my pocket, but about a min, of working the leather of the panel around a bit loosened it right up, and now I can slide my hand in no problem without it unsnapping...

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Things I was considering while making the stapled together "prototype":

lots of area under the grip, so a full firing grip can be made while the gun is totally holstered

somewhere for your trigger finger to go so that a firing grip can be made while it is in the holster (some with the anti print panel don't leave anywhere to put your trigger finger)

easy switch between firing grip and grabbing the OC (firing grip will be my first action, then if threat is perceived to be minimal/none, but I still want to stop someone, ie drunk guy coming after me w/o a weapon, I can easily switch and not escalate the situation with a gun, but still have an option to do something)

Curved area under the grip to fit my jeans front pockets

Slide totally covered, in an attempt to keep sweat off

the Square panel slightly reinforced to square out the shape and print for back pocket carry (the small rear pocket panel).

able to be carried with just the pistol and no panel for fitting in the smallest of pockets.

of course the anti-print panel for the pistol not printing as anything other than flat, and also will help keep the holster in the pocket as you draw because your hand is between the panel and the gun forcing the panel out, and more likely to catch on the lip of your pocket, not to mention the rough side out on the panel to keep it in the pocket.

another panel can be made to hold an extra mag instead of the OC should I prefer to carry the oc elsewhere later

other panels can also be made larger in any shape to position the gun anywhere you want it in larger pockets. (some people like the gun to ride higher in deeper pockets, or maybe slightly angled, or maybe just a bigger panel to keep it from moving forward and back in large pockets)

I was tossing around ideas in my head for a while...

Here is a link to an article from Concealed Carry Magazine with a pic of this holster in it.