Attaching the Ejector and recoil spring catch

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Origonaly posted by Big Bird on KTOG

There are two loosely fitted small parts of the P32 and P3AT that are easily lost: the ejector (115) and the recoil spring catch (194).

A small amount of any silicone rubber glue will hold each of these pieces permanently in place, and avoids having them disappear when disassembling the pistol in the future.

I've tried superglue products, but they don't hold for long. Silicone rubber seems to be the ideal adhesive for these parts, as it allows them to move a little bit under the stresses of cycling the action, and is immune to gun-cleaning products and lubricants.

Use a bit of acetone or alcohol to clean the part and where it belongs, then use a little bit of the silicone in the niche where the part fits, assemble it, and let set for 24 hours before lubricating or using the pistol. If necessary, you can always cut or pull the piece off later and clean the glue off with a knife.