P-3AT/P-32 Finger Extensions

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NAA finger rest

The choice shamelessly advocated by Wilson.... Installation is the same as it is on the P-32 and instructions can be found here

If you are interested in buying these order the ones marked "Finger Extensions(2) for Guardians with all other Serial Number prefixes to my order at $10.00 each" from here


Bersa Thunder 380 Magazine Floor Plate

quote by ppmd on the KTOG board:

It's called Bersa Thunder 380 Magazine Floor Plate. Easy install, NO extra round capability, NO modifications needed, works well, retains small foot-print of pistol.

Source: Eagle Imports: 732 493-0333

Image belows shows extension below the 4th digit. Try it. You'll love it.

ppmd - shameless Bersa magazine floor plate "finger extension" advocate

Can also be purchases online here: http://www.bersa-llama.com/380litepts.html
It's item # 48, magazine bottom, and it's $1.00 (*Edit, they have since gone up to $3 and then $5 last I checked, 4-22-04*)

The above pic is with the mag in and the slide off, the pic below is with the mag loaded, and slide on to show the amount of gap that is normal:

pic posted on KTOG in this thread

KT P-32 +1 extension

quote by scubapro on the KTOG Board:

I have 2 P-3ATs and 4 magazines...the P-32 +1 exension fits on all of my magazines and functions flawlessly with both pistols. Don't worry about the "fact" that the +1 extension was made for the P-32 and not the P-3AT -- the Bersa and NAA options were not made for the P-3AT either! No modifications were required for these to work on my magazines...unless you consider swapping out magazine springs a difficult modification.

A few people have reported that the +1's did not fit on the P-3AT mags though.

Here are some tips on installing the +1 extensions

Now KT is selling a P-3AT +1 extension. We don't really know if it is any different than the P-32 one, or if it is slightly bigger, but in any event, just ask for the P-3AT +1 mag extension and they will send you the right one.