Snap Caps

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Kel-Tec does not recommend dry firing the p-11 or p-32 with nothing in the chamber. They were not designed to do this, so when you dry fire use a snap cap to stop the firing pin like a live round would do. Where ever I mention dry fire, I mean with a snap cap. Some people take that to mean nothing in the chamber and others to mean a snap cap.

The one plastic one in the top left will brake exactly like this one did. The plastic ones brake at the nose while chambered and pieces of plastic are then loose in your gun and you sometimes have to take it apart to get it out because now the spring is coming out the nose of the round and it is then too long to fit out of the extraction hole in the slide, not to mention the more you mess with it the more little pieces brake off in your gun.

The A-Zoom ones are much better (the rest of the ones in the pic). They are made of aluminum and will last much longer in your gun.