Trigger mods

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First completely read and understand these instructions. Then if you want to attempt these modifications I would reccomend buying replacement parts for the ones you will be modifying.

Part# Part Price
252 Trigger .50
260 trigger bar 4.00
270 Hammer 7.00
172 Firing Pin Spring .30
(prices as of 9-2-02)

I would (and did) also order a slide stop spring (part 284) for only $ .50 while you are at it, it's nice to have a spare when one goes flying...

Before attempting any of these you should be familar with disassembly and reassembly of your P-11. Look here for those instructions.

Trigger Mod Pages:


Shortening the Trigger Travel (also lightens the trigger pull)

Moving the trigger rearward in the trigger guard

Further Lightening the trigger pull

Cut 7 coils off the FP Spring (no longer reccomended)

Installing a Pre-Travel Stop

Insatlling an Over Travel Trigger Stop

After performing all of these I ended up with a shorter lighter, smoother trigger with little pretravel or over travel.