Pussball Mod (Uncle Mikes #1):

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This was Originally called the "Pussball mod" on the KTOG board (because the member Pussball was the first to post it). First go get an Uncle Mikes pocket holster, size #1. Ignore the picture, I know it is not the same, but I think they use one pic for all sizes, and the different sizes actually look a little different, this is the correct one.

If you can find a store that sells them locally then I would go their in person and find the one that fits the best. Some have reported that given a box of #1's some were very tight (as in could not get it all the way in) and others fit better. But if you must order over the net (I did) don't worry about it too much, even the tight ones can be stretched a bit (wet the holster, put the P-32 in a plastic bag and gently force it into the holster and let it dry) to make the P-32 fit well.

When you get it the area where the extra mag would go is sewn shut. All you have to do is pull the 2 sides of the holster apart so you can see the threads that hold them together and cut one stitch in the middle (middle red arrow). Be careful to only cut the stitching holding the 2 sides together, their is no need to cut the stitches holding the trim piece on each side of the holster material. Then pull stitches out (one at a time, by pulling the thread out, no need to make any more cuts) towards the upper and lower arrows until a mag fit's in. Now to keep the thread from pulling out any more at the bottom arrow, you will have to put in a few stitches here and tie it to the loose threads you pulled out. This does not have to be neat, just a few passes through both sides of the holster and a few knots to keep the threads from coming out any more. The top arrow already has another seem there so you can just pull the stitches out up to that seem and they should not back out any further, but I think I still put in another stitch in their and tied off the loose threads I just pulled out, just to make sure.

That's it!!! Then you should have this:

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